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Ken Water's Notebook- "Best Wishes for Good Shooting" 1968-1989


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Today’'s best authority on reloading and firearms reveals his unfathomable knowledge through this chronological catalog of letters. In the tradition of other great shooters’ notebooks, this text of letters contains load tables, little known facts, history, esoteric details and Ken’s personal recommendations to various questions and concerns.

If you enjoy finding little nuggets of golden information on handloading or guns, you will be fascinated on your journey through these letters that are jammed with information, not chit-chat. The load tables are well worth the purchase and all information has never been published before. Ken was prolific in his correspondence with extensive details. None of these letters ever appeared in Rifle or Handloader magazines; it is all new material from the author. This is a large book presented in the original letter format. Those who know Ken will love this new book, and those not familiar will be amazed at the depth of his knowledge and straightforward, easy-to-understand writing style.

Chapter 1: 1968-1972
Highlights - .22-250/ .30-06/ .30-40 Krag/ Over-size Cast Bullets/ .45-70/ The New Sharps/ .243 Winchester/ Westley Richards/ Sharps Buffal Cartridges/ Adequate Hunting Cartridges/ Reduced Loads in the 7mm Remington Magnum/ 94 Winchester Suggestions/ Misfire Problems/ 6mm Remington/ 7mm Remington Magnum/ Cast Bullets in the .22-250/ .308 Winchester/ Big Bore

Chapter 2: 1973-1974
Highlights - .220 Swift/ .35 Whelens/ .243 Bullet Selection/ Stevens Model 44 Action/ .25-Caliber Cartridges/ .30-06 Favorite Hunting Loads/ Heavy Loads in the .45-70/ Best Cast Bullets for the .38-55/ .577-450 Loads/ 9mm Luger/ The Effect of Undersized Bullets/ "Saloon" Rifles/ .25-20 Single Shots/ 1895 Marlins/ Accurate Varmint Cartridges/ .348 Winchester/ Data on the .270 Winchester/ .38-72 Winchester

Chapter 3: 1975-1976
Highlights - Winchester Model 1886/ Winchester High Wall/ .40-65/ Trapdoor Springfield/ .25-20 WCF Loads/ .50-70 Vs. .50-90/ .40-82/ .358 Winchester Loads/ 9x57mm Mauser/ .450-400-3-Inch Cases/ .40-90 Ballard/ Rolling Block Maximums/ "Naked" Bullets/ .450 Alaskan

Chapter 4: 1977-1978
Highlights - .45 Colt/ .44-40/ .401 Winchester Self-Loading/ .30-40 Model 1895 Loads/ .405 Winchester/ Pressure, Action Strength and Safety/ .577-450/ Case Stretching/ .280 Remington/ .222 Rimmed/ 7mm's/ .22-250 Loads/ .219 Wasp/ Limits On Accuracy?/ Low Pressure Loads in Ballards and Stevens/ Savage/ Ruger No. 1/ .50-70

Chapter 5: 1979-1981
Highlights - .45 ACP/ .357 Magnum/ .45-90/ 9x56 Mannlicher Cases/ Case Forming Old Cartridges/ 8mm Gibbs/ Model 70/ Sharps-Borchardt .45-120-3 1/4/ .44 S&W Rundown/ .25-35 Loads/ Data on the .280 Ross/ .38 Special/ Newton Dimensions/ Model 1873 Winchester/ .38-56 WCF/ .33 Winchester Loads

Chapter 6: 1982-1986
Highlights - Shallow Grooves/ Primer Sizes/ .240 Cobra Cases/ 9x57 WRA Cartridge/ .45 Calibers/ .263 Express/ Jacketed Bullets in Old Rifles/ .256 Newton Loads/ .25-06 Bullet Performance/ .222 Super Cases/ .357 Maximum/ Autoloading Rifles/ .44-40 Groove Diameters/ R-2 Lovell/ .416 Taylor Loads/ .30-06 Loads/ /Twist Rate/ .338-006/ .257 Roberts/ .404 Jeffery/ "Long Ton"/ Pressure Levels/ Wildcats/ .577-450

Chapter 7: 1987-1989
Highlights - .220 Swift/ 7-30 Waters Loads/ 6.5x53R Data/ .44 Russian/ Model 50 & 51 Higgins Facts/ .50-110 WCF Case/ Data for Old Revolvers/ Twist Rate/ .400 Whelen/ Ken's Prep of Cases/ Old Brass/ What to Do with Foreign Rifles/ .32-40 Remington/ T/C Contender 7-30 Waters Data/ Recoil/ .30-06 Cases/ .257 Roberts/ Old Colt Models/ Browning 1865/ Ruger Blackhawk/ Nickel-Plated Brass/ Adjusting Taper Crimp/ "Slug"

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